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23 March 2015

College Park Thumbs Nose at Fulton County, Pushes City Limits to Feldwood Road Via Annexation

Georgia Unfiltered has learned that the south metro city of College Park has annexed 225.128 acres of land, despite Fulton County objecting to the move at its 4 March 2015 Board of Commissioners meeting.

The property, valued at $33,818,800, consists of thirteen parcels along Roosevelt Highway and Naturally Fresh Boulevard in south Fulton County.

Staff in the Fulton County Planning and Community Services Department could not find a valid reason to object to College Park annexing the thirteen parcels.

However, the Fulton County Commission still unanimously opposed the 225.128 acre annexation due to inconsistent zoning on other land parcels that were included in College Park's initial 274.985 acre annexation packet.

Georgia Unfiltered first reported, 20 February 2015, that College Park received requests from south Fulton businesses to join the city.

In a letter to Fulton County, dated 6 February 2015, College Park Mayor Jack Longino wrote, "Please be advised of pending petitions to annex fifteen (15) parcels comprising a total of 274.985 acres into the city limits of College Park."

Mayor Longino included a map (shown below) of the proposed annexation with his letter to county officials.

Proposed College Park Annexation Map by Andre Walker

All but one of the fifteen parcels (shown above) had zoning that matched existing Fulton County zoning provisions. The one parcel, totaling 26.7 acres, was the Commission's basis for rejecting the entire annexation packet of 274.985 acres.

At its 16 March 2015 city council meeting, College Park annexed 13 of the 15 parcels. The south metro municipality left out two other parcels totaling 49.857 acres.