04 March 2015

Chattahoochee Hills Annexes Tomorrowworld Property, Approves Permit for Festival Until 2025

On a foggy March evening, the Chattahoochee Hills City Council unanimously approved an annexation petition powered by the people.
(At its 3 March 2015 meeting, the Chattahoochee Hills City Council unanimously approved the annexation of approximately 4,920 acres [shown above] into the City of Chattahoochee Hills.)
Effective 1 April 2015, 4,920 acres of land (shown right) will be part of Chattahoochee Hills.

The City Council chamber, which seats about eighty people, was nearly full of citizens who worked tirelessly to take their property into the city of their choice.

After the vote, the new Chattahoochee Hills residents stood up and applauded as Mayor Tom Reed welcomed them into the city.

"We are doing the right thing," Reed said. "These are people who wanted to be in Chattahoochee Hills from the beginning."

The immediate effect of this annexation is that, for the first time, the massive Tomorrowworld festival will held inside the Chattahoochee Hills city limits.

Tomorrowworld, which attracts thousands of electronic dance music fans for three days in September, was billed as a Chattahoochee Hills event, despite actually being held just outside the city limits.

For the 2015 edition of Tomorrowworld, the words and reality will finally match.

Meetings between Tomorrowworld organizers and Chattahoochee Hills officials are already taking place, with Chattahoochee Hills reviewing its special events permit process to make sure all the legal hurdles are cleared before the first revelers arrive at Tomorrowworld, 24 September 2015.

In addition to annexing the Tomorrowworld property, the Chattahoochee Hills City Council also unanimously approved a land use permit allowing for the event to be held until 2025. Carl Bouckaert, the owner of the land where Tomorrowworld is held, asked the City Council to approve his land use permit as a part of the annexation petition.