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20 February 2015

South Fulton Businesses Submit Petition to Annex $38 Million Worth of Land into College Park

Georgia Unfiltered has learned a handful of commercial and industrial land owners are fleeing the proposed city of South Fulton in lieu of a more established brand.

In what could be considered a stinging indictment against the south Fulton cityhood movement, property owners along Buffington Road, Naturally Fresh Boulevard, and Roosevelt Highway recently submitted an annexation petition to take their land into the nearby city of College Park.

The land area (shown below) totals approximately 274.985 acres and is valued at $38,327,300.

Proposed College Park Annexation Map by Andre Walker

College Park, a municipality of 13,942 people, scheduled a 16 March 2015 public hearing on the proposed annexation.

State lawmakers are currently considering creating a new municipality out of the remaining unincorporated land in south Fulton County. House Bill 165 authorizes a South Fulton cityhood referedum in November 2015. The bill currently sits in the House Committee on Governmental Affairs.

Since the efforts to create a new city of South Fulton were revived in 2014, the cities of Chattahoochee Hills, Palmetto, Union City and now, College Park have received annexation petitions from property owners who might otherwise be included in the proposed city of South Fulton.