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06 February 2015

Recent Rash of Burlgaries Underscores Need for South Fulton Business Coalition Crime Summit

In the last fourteen days, Fulton County police reported seventeen burglaries in the Old National Highway community between Burdett Road and Old Bill Cook Road. Add to that two vehicle thefts, a string of items being stolen from people's cars, and six assaults, and you've got yourself a full blown crime spree.

(Crime incidents reported by Fulton County police to show a recent rash of burglaries in the Old National Hwy community of unincorporated south Fulton County over the last fourteen days. Image courtesy

Dominique Huff, president of the South Fulton Business Coalition, says the recent rash of crimes only serves to underscore the need for his organization's planned crime summit, 11 February.

"Our intention is to start to develop relationships with each other," Huff said. "Know your neighbor, share information, start looking out for each other and keep tabs. Get involved with courtwatch programs for prosecution."

The South Fulton Business Coalition Crime Summit will be held at Piccadilly Cafeteria on 2449 Godby Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30349.

The summit starts at 6:30PM, and the general public is invited to attend.

The South Fulton Business Coalition is an organization that includes 82 business owners, and they hope to save the community’s name before it's irreparably harmed by crooks and thugs who are destroying south Fulton County’s future.

“Crime in south Fulton is completely unacceptable, and our organization will work tirelessly towards curbing crime’s growth," Huff continued.