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02 February 2015

Modified Cityhood Bill Sets August Deadline for Property Owners to Annex Out of South Fulton

The Georgia General Assembly is preparing to hear its first cityhood bill of the year.

House Bill 165, legislation that would create a new city of South Fulton, is expected to be first read in the state House, 2 February 2015.

State Representative Roger Bruce (D - Atlanta) is the primary sponsor of the proposal.

Bruce pre-filed a similar city of South Fulton bill, House Bill 27, late last year. Since then, the south Fulton cityhood legislation underwent several changes. The two biggest modifications involve when people will vote on creating a city, and when property owners must have their annexation requests completed.

House Bill 165 moves the south Fulton cityhood referendum from the third Tuesday in March to the 2015 November General Election. The bill also says that property owners have 90 days from the date of the November General Election to annex into an existing city. That places an August deadline on land owners to annex out of the proposed city of South Fulton before the borders are locked and the referendum moves forward.