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03 February 2015

Georgia Senate Democratic Whip Says New City in South Fulton Would Hurt East Point

Battle lines are beginning to be drawn as the debate over creating a new city in unincorporated south Fulton County heats up in the Georgia General Assembly.

Tuesday, 2 February 2015, state Senator Vincent Fort (D - Atlanta) sent a letter to the East Point Mayor and City Council urging them to oppose the proposed city of South Fulton because it would cost East Point money.

"If that bill passes, the referendum passes, and the city of South Fulton is created, East Point would lose revenues based on redistribution of Local Option Sales Tax revenues collected in the county," Senator Fort's letter reads.

Fort serves as the Democratic Whip in the Georgia Senate.

"The result would be that East Point would then have to either raise taxes and/or fees or cut services and/or jobs. That is not something East Point citizens should have to endure," the letter concludes.

Sen. Fort Letter to East Point on New South Fulton City