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14 February 2015

County Notified That Palmetto Plans to Annex 26.793 Acres of Property in South Fulton

Unincorporated south Fulton could be getting smaller.

On 3 February 2015, Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves received a letter from Palmetto Assistant City Attorney Patrick Stough, notifying the county that Palmetto was in receipt of a petition to annex 26.793 acres into the city.

The land is owned by Willow Oak Landfill, LLC, a subsidiary of Waste Management.

According to government documents, the 26.793 is valued at $337,560.

"Willow Oak Landfill, LLC's parent company, Waste Management, has been a partner of the City of Palmetto since the 1970's and desires to make the relationship stronger by incorporating this property into your fair city," Willow Oak Landfill District Manager Gabe Gribble wrote in a letter.

Fulton County Planning and Community Services staff could find no valid reason to object to the proposed annexation; meaning that 26.793 acres could be added to the City of Palmetto as early as 2 March 2015, the date of the next Palmetto City Council meeting.