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16 January 2015

Suspect in Attempted Papa John's Delivery Robbery was Convicted of Similar Crime in 2013

Talk around the water cooler this week has centered on the Papa John's pizza delivery driver who was held at gunpoint by 24-year-old Donquaz Devon Stevenson during a would-be robbery [Papa John’s delivery driver shoots robbery suspect. WSB-TV. Retrieved on 16 January 2015.].

Stevenson, according to media reports, attempted to rob a female Papa John's driver on 11 January 2014. Donquaz held the woman at gunpoint, before she reached her concealed firearm and shot him in the face.

Georgia Unfiltered researched Stevenson's background, and found he has prior arrests in DeKalb County.

DeKalb County court records show that Stevenson was arrested in 2007 on robbery charges. Donquaz sought first offender status on the felony counts, and received five years probation in 2013. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Mark Anthony Scott presided over the case.

Donquaz Stevenson is now being treated for his gunshot wound at Grady Memorial Hospital, and is expected to be charged with various criminal offenses related to his attempted robbery of the Papa John's driver.