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09 January 2015

State Legislators, Mayor of Atlanta Reach Agreement on City of South Fulton Proposal

UPDATE: Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says, via Twitter, no deal has been reached. Our original report continues below.

(Rep. Ladawn Blackett Jones proclaimed victory in her quest to create a new city in unincorporated south Fulton County, following a meeting with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.)
A potential agreement between cityhood supporters in unincorporated south Fulton County and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed could result in voters getting their say at the ballot box, Georgia Unfiltered has learned.

Months after claiming Mayor Reed engaged in voter suppression by killing the bill that would have allowed a south Fulton cityhood referendum, state Representative Ladawn Blackett Jones (D - Atlanta) proclaimed victory following a recent meeting with Reed.

According to a Facebook posting by Jones, Mayor Reed agreed not to obstruct the city of South Fulton bill in exchange for local property owners and voters having more time to complete their annexation petitions.

Reed, who has been asking the Sandtown community to annex into Atlanta, said publicly he believes the proposed city of South Fulton is a bad idea.

"I think that joining a new City of South Fulton vs. the City of Atlanta, I don’t think the decision is even close,” Reed was quoted as saying by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I think joining a City of South Fulton would be an awful financial decision” [Wickert, David (3 December 2014) New city isn’t only choice for some south Fulton residents. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 9 January 2015.].

Residents of the Sandtown community, for their part, are divided on the question of annexing into Atlanta according to media reports.