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26 January 2015

South Fulton Business Leaders Schedule Summit to Address Growing Crime Wave on Old National Hwy

Since the beginning of 2015, 75 crime incidents occurred on Old National Highway in unincorporated south Fulton County. Assaults, burglaries, and car thefts were among most frequent incidents reported to by the Fulton County Police Department.

A 9 January 2015 story aired on WSB-TV spotlighted one of the community's worst areas, saying that, in the past year, 22 violent crimes happened at the Kroger supermarket on Old National Highway [Artz, Liz (9 January 2015). 22 violent crimes reported at south Fulton Kroger. WSB-TV. Retrieved on 26 January 2015.].

Seeing Old National Highway on the news is becoming commonplace among local residents, and helping to build a reputation that Old National is not safe. That sobering reality has business leaders concerned, and ready to take action.

Georgia Unfiltered has learned of a planned community summit to address the crime wave that some are saying is out-of-control. The summit, sponsored by the South Fulton Business Coalition, is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 February at Piccadilly Cafeteria on 2449 Godby Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30349.

The summit starts at 6:30PM, and the general public is invited to attend.

“South Fulton County is quickly developing a notorious reputation in the metro Atlanta region,” said South Fulton Business Coalition chairman Dominique Huff. “That reputation can be summarized in five simple words: South Fulton is not safe.

“And businesses are not opening up in a community where their customers do not feel safe,” Huff continued.

The South Fulton Business Coalition is an organization that includes 82 business owners, and they hope to save the community’s name before it's irreparably harmed by crooks and thugs who are destroying south Fulton County’s future.

“Our businesses will not be run out of business because of crime,” Huff said defiantly. “The South Fulton Business Coalition remains determined towards its purpose of promoting economic growth in the community so many of us call home.

“Crime in south Fulton is completely unacceptable, and our organization will work tirelessly towards curbing crime’s growth.”