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14 January 2015

Robert De Niro Movie, Filming in Atlanta, Seeks Black Men & Women for the Role of Tyrone's Friends

Daniel Tosh, comedian and host of the Comedy Central television program Tosh.0, will have to forgive us for stealing a bit from his show.

Let's play a game of, "Is it racist?"

The media is all abuzz over the new motion picture starring Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, and Julianne Hough. The film, titled "Dirty Grandpa," is currently shooting on location in Atlanta. And the movie is in need of extras.

Catrett Lock Casting (CLC) put out a call for various roles in the production, and one stood out to Georgia Unfiltered more than the others.

WANTED: TYRONE'S FRIENDS; Seeking African American Men And Women; Ages 18-22; Please send very clear pictures as this will be selected by director; Work Days: Jan 21, 30 Feb 4, 9; Subject: TYRONE.

For those unfamiliar, those great cunning linguists at defines "Tyrone" as, "the general name for a black male whose true name is unknown. Unlike offensive generic names, like Toby or Kunta Kinte, the name Tyrone does not mean to carry an offensive quality."

The full text of the CLC Casting call can be seen below.

Is it racist?