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05 January 2015

Legislation Lets College Park and Sandy Springs Create Their Own Separate School Systems

A constitutional amendment proposed by state Representative Tom Taylor (R - Dunwoody) could have far-reaching effects on school systems across Georgia.

House Resolution 4 (H.R. 4) seeks to amend the state constitution by ending the prohibition against creating new independent school systems.

Both existing cities and new cities could create their own independent school districts, separate from the Fulton County district, under H.R. 4.

The City of College Park, in south Fulton County, could re-create their old school system; which existed until it was consolidated with the Fulton County school system. Likewise, the City of Sandy Springs could launch a new school system to match their new city; which was incorporated in 2005.

H.R. 4 requires 120 votes in the Georgia state House and 38 votes in the Georgia state Senate before it can be placed on the 2016 ballot for approval or rejection by the voters.