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30 January 2015

Georgia Democrat Leader Urges East Point to Take Position on Proposed City of South Fulton

A Georgia Senate leader wants an existing south metro city to take sides in the ongoing debate over creating new municipalities.

State Senator Vincent Fort (D - Atlanta), who serves as Senate Democratic Whip, appeared at a 26 January 2015 East Point City Council meeting and told local officials he does not support creating the proposed city of South Fulton.

(The East Point City Council is considering taking a position on the possible creation of a new city. Image courtesy City of East Point.)
Now in his ninth term, Fort represents portions of East Point and the would-be city of South Fulton.

After stating his opposition to forming a new city, Fort urged East Point City Council members to take a stance on the South Fulton cityhood issue and consider the impact a new municipal government will have on East Point's budget.

Fort's words did not fall on deaf ears. Later in the meeting, City Council Member Karen Rene asked East Point City Manager Frederick Gardiner to research how the creation of a new city would affect East Point. Rene also asked the City Manager to City Manager to draft a tentative letter to state legislators explaining how the proposed city of South Fulton might impact East Point.

The East Point City Council is expected to review the results of the City Manager's city of South Fulton study at its 9 February 2015 work session.

Residents in unincorporated south Fulton County are considering creating a new municipality called the City of South Fulton. The proposed city, if created, would share a border with East Point.