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24 December 2014

Ticket Alternative Keeps Contract with Fulton County Despite Concerns from Wolf Creek Mgmt.

12 December 2014, Georgia Unfiltered reported Wolf Creek Amphitheater Entertainment Manager Sandy L. Ward recommended the Fulton County Board of Commissioners cancel its contract with Ticket Alternative.

Ticket Alternative, a box office and ticket sales firm based in Atlanta, was selected to manage ticket and box office sales for Wolf Creek by Fulton County in 2013. According to public documents, the contract between the county and Ticket Alternative was supposed to last three years, with an option for an additional fourth year.

Wolf Creek management, concerned with "an unanticipated, overwhelming number of chargebacks to Fulton County and Wolf Creek Amphitheater for fraudulent ticket purchases," requested county officials terminate its contract with Ticket Alternative in 2014.

At its 17 December 2014 meeting, the Fulton County Commission was expected to fulfill the request of Wolf Creek Amphitheater Entertainment Manager Sandy L. Ward, and end its agreement with Ticket Alternative. However, the item was removed from the Commission's agenda at the request of County Manager Patrick O'Connor.

The Wolf Creek Amphitheater, located in unincorporated south Fulton County, is a 5,200-seat entertainment venue that's hosted a variety of performers including Monica, 112, Jagged Edge, M.C. Hammer, and Morris Day.