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12 December 2014

Fraud at Wolf Creek Amphitheater Costing Ticket Alternative Its Contract with Fulton County

The Wolf Creek Amphitheater, located in unincorporated south Fulton County, welcomed some of the biggest names in music . . .

. . . From yesteryear.

Throughout the 2014 concert season, artists such as Monica, 112, Jagged Edge, M.C. Hammer, and Morris Day graced the Wolf Creek stage. Now these performers aren't Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, or Paramore, but they still command an audience. Some fans of M.C. Hammer and Morris Day were so eager to see the old school pair live, they made fradulent purchases for tickets to their shows.

(Fraudulent ticket sales at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater [shown above] has Entertainment Manager Sandy L. Ward asking Fulton County to terminate its contract with ticketing firm Ticket Alternative. Image Courtesy CatMax Photography.)
A document authored by Wolf Creek Entertainment Manager Sandy L. Ward says, "an unanticipated, overwhelming number of chargebacks to Fulton County and Wolf Creek Amphitheater for fraudulent ticket purchases" took place in 2014.

Chargebacks occur after the credit or debit card holder successfully disputes a charge with their bank or credit card company, and receives a refund as a result.

Due to the fraudulent purchases and ensuing chargebacks, Ward is asking officials to terminate the contract Fulton County has with ticketing company Ticket Alternative.

Ticket Alternative is a box office and ticket sales manager based in Atlanta.

The company was selected to be the Wolf Creek ticket and box office manager by Fulton County in 2013. The contract between the county and Ticket Alternative was supposed to last three years, with an option for an additional fourth year.

"Fulton County Government selected Ticket Alternative as its official ticketing company because of their extraordinary customer service approach, diverse social media outreach programs, and their ability to be versatile in meeting the county's needs as a Government entity," Sandy L. Ward said in 2013. "Fulton County looks forward to a long and exciting working relationship with Ticket Alternative."

If Fulton County Commissioners vote to terminate the contract, 17 December, Wolf Creek's working relationship with Ticket Alternative will end immediately.