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20 November 2014

Shanesha Taylor Set Black People Back with Her Nigga Mentality

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of what is known colloquially as "straight up nigga shit."

(Shanesha Taylor allegedly wasted $114,000 she received in donations on her baby's daddy's rap album. Image Courtesy Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department)
Meet Shanesha Taylor.

She was arrested in March for leaving her two children, ages 2 and 6, in a hot car while she went to interview for a job. Shanesha's story, and tear-stained mugshot, captured the hearts of compassionate people across the United States.
A fund was set up, and donations totaling $114,000 were deposited into the account to assist Shanesha and her two children. Local prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against Shanesha if she would put $40,000 of the $114,000 in a trust fund for her kids.

Shanesha said no.

Now Miss Shanesha has a trial date in December, where she's faces jail time for child cruelty and other charges. People are asking, "Why didn't you take the sweetheart deal? What happened to the money?"

Did she invest in stocks and bonds? No. Did she put a down payment on a car or a new house? No. Did she buy some precious metals? No. What did Miss Shanesha do with $114,000?

Shanesha Taylor did some straight up nigga shit.

"The money is gone by all accounts,” Reverend Jarrett Maupin, a former supporter of Shanesha Taylor, told Fox 10 Phoenix. “It's been spent on designer clothes, family outings in and out of this city and reports that $6000 spent on studio time for her baby daddy's rap album.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the nigga mentality at its worst, and it sets black people back because of the stereotype the nigga mentality helps to perpetuate.

We all know the stereotype. White people invest their money in stocks, bonds, precious metals. Black people invest their money in rims. White people own about two or three pieces of real estate, and collect rent from those properties every month. Black people are wearing FUBU jerseys and the new Jordans, while at the same time trying to scrap up enough money so they won't get evicted at the end of the month.

Comedian Chris Rock summed it up best, on his 2004 album "Never Scared," when he said, "Maybe --now just maybe-- if [black and brown people] didn't spend all our money on rims, we might have some to invest.

"We [are] the most money-wasting motherfuckers on the face of the earth."

Shanesha Taylor wasted $114,000. Now that's ludicrous.