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30 October 2014

Governor Deal Sits Down with Attorney Gary Martin Hays to Discuss Criminal Justice Reforms

If you've spent any time in Atlanta watching TV, you've likely seen an advertisement or two promoting the law offices of Gary Martin Hays.

(Governor Nathan Deal, right, sits down for an interview with attorney Gary Martin Hays.)
In addition to his law practice, Hays hosts a podcast called the Wise Counsel Project.

Governor Nathan Deal (R - Georgia) recently sat down with Gary Martin Hays and discussed the criminal justice reforms approved in Georgia during the first four years of the Governor's term.

Deal told Hays he recently created two new initiatives. This past Apri, the Governor began the ‘Interfaith Council’ with the purpose of addressing how convicted offenders are able to re-enter the work force. In September, Governor Deal started ‘The Healing Communities of Georgia’ to work with congregations of faith to reduce recidivism.

Governor Deal's push for reform began by trying to divert non-violent adults out of the prison system followed by non-violent juveniles.

Deal noted that most of the time, non-violent offenders have lost any kind of support system including their families in the civilian society.

"The pattern for a released individual is to return to the community in which they were first picked up for trouble," Deal said. "If the local community, including the faith-based community, does not provide some assistance for them, the likelihood of them getting in more trouble is greatly increased."

You can watch Gary Martin Hays' interview with Governor Deal here: