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30 October 2014

Georgia-based Blue Bird Bus Company Sees 44% Increase in Employees Since 2010

(Workers assemble buses on the Blue Bird Manufacturing Line)
The Blue Bird Corporation, a school bus manufacturer based in Peach County, says greater industry demand over the last four years has pushed its number of employees to over 1,600; a 44% increase since 2010.

This number includes a geographically diverse workforce with employees from over 45 Georgia counties.

As a leading bus manufacturer, Blue Bird experienced growth in all vehicle segments and expanded its alternative-fuel leadership position, led by the class-leading Propane Vision bus. Propane is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the school bus industry.

“Blue Bird’s impressive growth has had a tremendous impact on Peach County, Central Georgia and the state of Georgia,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird. “The company’s growth is a direct reflection of Blue Bird’s commitment to engineering and building industry-leading buses that our customers value. We are proud of Blue Bird’s sustained success and are committed to growing the company and providing more employment opportunities for the citizens of Georgia.”

Blue Bird is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the state of Georgia and the largest manufacturing employer in Central Georgia. Established in 1927, Blue Bird is the largest employer in both the city of Fort Valley and Peach County.

The company’s Fort Valley footprint includes two production facilities with over one million square feet of manufacturing and fabrication space.