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15 October 2014

Chattahoochee Hills Annexation Hits Slight Bump in the Road at Fulton County Commission Meeting

Wednesday, the Fulton County Commission took up the proposed annexation of 9,400 acres by the City of Chattahoochee Hills and sent it back to municipality with a request for additional information.

Commissioners were briefed by county staff who said the annexation package submitted by Chattahoochee Hills was incomplete. The package did not include the annexation petition indicating which landowners wanted to join Chattahoochee Hills, nor did it include how the land would be zoned if it became part of the city.

According to Georgia law, counties have thirty days from the day they received the city's annexation package. Fulton County received Chattahoochee Hills' annexation package 30 September 2014, placing the 30-day deadline on 30 October 2014. Wednesday's county commission meeting is the last one scheduled for the month of September, meaning that if the Fulton County Commission did not vote to object 15 October 2014, they would miss the deadline and the annexation process would go forward.

Staff in the Fulton County Planning and Community Services department told Commissioners that they would send Chattahoochee Hills a notice requesting a complete annexation package, including the annexation petitions and the proposed zoning.

During the brief discussion of Chattahoochee Hills' proposed annexation, Commissioner Bill Edwards asked County Attorney David Ware who was responsible for verifying the signatures on the annexation petition. Ware responded state law puts the burden of proof on the city.

Edwards then said that the county needs a policy to verify annexation petition signatures.

"We have been fooled before with the signature thing," Edwards said. "We need to have a process to make sure the signatures meet the requirements by law."

Fulton County Commissioners voted 6 - 0 to inform Chattahoochee Hills that their annexation package was incomplete, and that the county was objecting on that basis.

However, it is highly likely that Chattahoochee Hills will send its annexation package to Fulton County before the Commission meets again on 5 November 2014.

The City of Chattahoochee Hills Planning Commission currently has the annexation of 9,400 acres on its 30 October 2014 agenda. The full city council will consider the annexation petitions on 4 November 2014.