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11 September 2014

Too Cash-Strapped to Contribute? Old National Wal Mart Upstaged by Cascade Donation to Local School

Coming on the heels of a report that it has not turned a profit since opening, the Wal Mart Supercenter on Old National Highway was recently upstaged by another Wal Mart store.

In a 10 September 2014 email to constituents, Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves announced the Wal Mart located at 1105 Research Center Drive, in the Cascade community, donated pencil boxes, colored pencils, paints, notebooks, paper and crayons to Love T. Nolan Elementary School.

Love T. Nolan is located off Old National Highway, in the Pinetree Meadows subdivision.

Nolan Elementary School stands just two miles from the nearest Wal Mart, but the school supplies came from a Wal Mart store nearly twenty miles away.

The contribution from the Cascade Wal Mart to a school in the Old National community is raising new questions about the viability of the Old National Wal Mart.

Dominique Huff, President of the South Fulton Business Coalition, tells Georgia Unfiltered he is concerned about the future of Old National's Wal Mart.

"Cascade's Wal Mart has been a community partner with the efforts to beautify the Cascade Corridor," Huff said. "I am wondering why a school on Old National was chosen over the zoned schools for that area; A. Phillip Randolph and Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary. With the Old National Wal-Mart being so close to Nolan, it would have made better sense to have them involved."

At a 19 August 2014 meeting with south Fulton community leaders, Saliou Gaye, manager for Wal Mart on Old National Highway, revealed his store has not turned a profit since the store opened in 2006.

The lack of profitability at the Old National Wal Mart Supercenter could be seen by some as a big reason why a business from outside the community is supporting a local school. The local businesses simply may not have the money to be generous partners in education.