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11 September 2014

Couple Decides to Renew Their Wedding Vows In Front of a Few Thousand Guests at Tomorrowworld

In the shadow of the Tomorrowworld mountain spirit, two individuals will commit themselves to one another once more.

(Jenny & Steve Marshall plan to renew their wedding vows at Tomorrowworld. Image courtesy Jenny & Steve Marshall.)
Jenny and Steve Marshall (pictured right), who have been married for fourteen years, tell Georgia Unfiltered they plan on renewing their vows at Tomorrowworld in just a couple weeks.

Jenny came up with the idea.

"We went though a tough year, last year, and the beginning of this year," Steve said. "We were going through a divorce and have within the last month reconnected through our love of edm music and Tomorrowworld.

"Jenny decided that as a way to start over and start fresh, we should renew our vows at Tomorrowworld," Steve continued.

Steve and Jenny say they first met at a rave in 1999, and see renewing their vows at Tomorrowworld as a symbolic link back to their early days together.

The Marshalls are the parents of three children.

Jenny and Steve's re-commitment ceremony will take place near the Tomorrowworld volcano mainstage, Saturday, 27 September 2014.