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29 August 2014

Tomorrowworld Liquor License Application Doesn't Include Permit to Serve Booze for the Gathering

Friday afternoon, the Fulton County Commission released the agenda for its 3 September meeting.

Included among the business commissioners are expected to discuss next week are a series of permits related to the Tomorrowworld music festival, scheduled for the last weekend in September at the Bouckaert family farms.

F&B Associates, Inc., doing business as Best Beverage Catering, is replacing Levy Restaurants as the food service provider for Tomorrowworld.

It is under the name of Best Beverage Catering that the Tomorrowworld festival applied for its license to sell and serve alcohol at the event.

As was the case in 2013, Tomorrowworld organizers are asking Fulton County Commissioners to extend the alcohol serving hours.

According to the application (pictured below), alcohol will be served between the hours of 12PM to 1AM, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What's different is Tomorrowworld's liquor license does not include permission to serve alcohol on Thursday, 25 September.

For Tomorrowworld veterans, the Thursday before the festival starts is known as "The Gathering."

Thursday, 25 September is the date when most people who intend to camp at the event arrive, and Tomorrowworld has traditionally thrown a large welcoming party for those ticket holders staying at the onsite campground known as Dreamville.

At a meeting with area residents in June, Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards suggested the Tomorrowworld welcoming party could be cut back.

"We've got to watch Thursday," Edwards told constituents and Tomorrowworld representatives. "The festival said Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We want to entertain people when they come in, but maybe not to the maximum level we have on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

"So we're going to talk about that," Edwards continued.

The Fulton County Commissioner is scheduled to vote on all the Tomorrowworld permits, 3 September.