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27 August 2014

Tomorrowworld Camelbak Ban Raises Safety Concerns from Festival-goers About Staying Hydrated [UPDATED]

[UPDATE]: Following a public outcry and petition drive by Tomorrowworld ticket holders, festival organizers reversed their ban on Camelbaks.

The inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld, the world famous electronic dance music festival held in Chattahoochee Hills, had a nearly unblemished safety record in 2013.

Due in large part to organizers' laser-like focus on having as few medical-related incidents as possible, Tomorrowworld received rave reviews from community leaders and government officials pleased that the event was not marred by issues that plagued other EDM-related concerts.

That could change in just a few weeks as a new list of prohibited items, released by organizers, is raising red flags from festival attendees about their safety.

Among the things not allowed in Tomorrowworld are Camelbaks.

(Camelbaks help individuals stay hydrated via a pouch that can be filled with water, and conveniently carried on a person's back. The Tomorrowworld ban on the hydration equipment has some scratching their heads.)
Camelbaks (pictured right) are water back packs. Each Camelbak contains a pouch that can be filled with water, and fits conveniently over the back of the user. Camelbaks are equipped with heavy duty straws so that a person wearing one can stay hydrated while on the move. Camelbaks are extremely popular among runners, cyclists, and people attending music festivals.

Kyle Littleton, who attended Tomorrowworld last year, tells Georgia Unfiltered Camelbaks not only helped him but help others as well.

"I would have been in trouble a few times last year if I didn't have my Camelbak," Littleton said. "I saw people without them that, I think if I had not gone over to them and offered them some water, would have been in serious trouble."

Meghan Gilmartin recently purchased a Camelbak and raised concerns about the Georgia heat and humidity in September.

"Georgia stays fairly hot until late fall," she said. "Knowing how hot and dehydrated I become, I'm a tad baffled at the threat Tomorrowworld believes Camelbaks pose."