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09 August 2014

Robb Pitts Slams Fellow Dem John Eaves for Discourteous Treatment of Commissioner Liz Hausmann

The fallout continues from the Fulton County Board of Commissioner's decision to raise property taxes by 17%.

First, state legislators representing Fulton County in the Georgia General Assembly filed a lawsuit to overturn the tax increase, saying county commissioners violated state law [Harris (7 August 2014). Fulton Co. state representatives sue to stop property tax rate increase. WGCL-TV. Retrieved on 9 August 2014.].

Now a Fulton County Commissioner is blasting his colleague for "blatant suppression of an opposing viewpoint."

Democrat Robb Pitts was highly critical of Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves refusal to allow discussion and debate before the board voted to increase taxes.

"Despite the critical and controversial nature of the vote, Chairman John H. Eaves did not recognize his colleague, Commissioner Liz Hausmann, when she requested the opportunity to voice her opinion," a news release from Pitts' office read.

"What John Eaves did by not allowing Commissioner Hausmann the opportunity to speak was discourteous, unprofessional and absolutely unacceptable," said Commissioner Pitts. "In 35 years of voting on public budgets, I have never seen such blatant suppression of an opposing viewpoint by a presiding officer."

Pitts was one of three commissioners to vote against the tax hike. The proposal was approved, 6 August, by a vote of 4 - 3.

"I have consistently spoken out and voted against this tax increase based on the fact that it is illegal, as well as the fact that our budget is unbalanced," Pitts added. "We simply have to stop spending more than we take in, as well as using cash reserves to balance the budget is not acceptable."