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18 August 2014

Plaintiffs Agree to Withdraw Contempt Motion Against Fulton County in Ongoing Jail Saga

Both parties in ongoing litigation agree that progress is being made in housing Fulton County Jail inmates. Attorneys representing both parties in the case of Harper v. Fulton County, Ga. have agreed that the plaintiffs would withdraw their request that the County be held in contempt for failure to abide by the terms of the Consent Decree. The agreement acknowledges mutual progress and cooperation leading to jail inmates no longer sleeping on the floor of the facility.

The motion was part of the ongoing litigation regarding staffing and other environmental conditions inside the Fulton County Jail. The agreement proposes streamlining the hiring process to fill vacant positions. It also proposes that the Fulton County Sheriff suggest outsourcing agreements when there is a population increase in the jail.

“This agreement is an acknowledgement of the hard work that has been done to resolve several issues inside the facility,” said Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves. “Faulty locks have been replaced and we have worked extensively to alleviate overcrowding.”

Fulton County has entered into several outsourcing agreements with neighboring jurisdictions to house inmates awaiting trial. The county also continues to work with its personnel department to ensure the facility is adequately staffed.

“We continue to work with the jail monitor, the county sheriff, and the lawsuit plaintiffs to resolve remaining issues in the facility with the goal being eventually removing the county from federal consent decree oversight,” says Chairman Eaves.