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14 August 2014

Larry's Beverage Outlet Bringing in Belgian & Craft Beer for the People of Tomorrowworld

Forty-two days remain until the second edition of the world famous Tomorrowworld music festival kicks off in Chattahoochee Hills.

Local businesses caught off guard from the influx of festival-goers last year are busy preparing to welcome the people of Tomorrowworld in 2014.

One of those shops, Larry's Beverage Outlet in Union City, tells Georgia Unfiltered they'll have a diverse selection of alcoholic beverages ready for sale when festival-goers descend upon Georgia in September.

"We want them to know we'll have plenty of liquor, and craft beer available for purchase," store manager Kevin Cho said. "And our prices will be the lowest in the area..

According to Cho, many of his Tomorrowworld customers from 2013 inquired about craft beer and Belgian beer. Those were some of his best selling products.

Cho tells Georgia Unfiltered that Larry's Beverage Outlet is familiar with Tomorrowworld festival rules (no glass bottles), and will have products that comply with the regulations.

"Craft beers and Belgian beers typically come in glass bottles, but we are placing orders to have then available in cans so that Tomorrowworld attendees can enjoy them at the festival," Cho continued.

Located at 4783 Jonesboro Road, Union City, Georgia, 30291, Larry's Beverage Outlet is next door to the Wal Mart Supercenter where many people of Tomorrowworld will gather for last minute supplies before they enter the festival site for the weekend.

Many festival-goers will arrive early so they can be among the first to set up camp at Tomorrowworld, and Larry's Beverage Outlet says they'll open as early as legally possible to accommodate vistorys.

"We'll open at 8AM, Thursday, 25 September," store manager Kevin Cho said.

Tomorrowworld festival-goers are expected to arrive in town, Thursday, 25 September. Dreamville, the Tomorrowworld campground, opens that morning at 10AM.