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25 August 2014

Fulton County Tax Increase Prompts Wexwood Glen Community to Explore Annexation into Atlanta

Georgia Unfiltered has learned that members of the Wexwood Glen community are actively pursuing annexation into the city of Atlanta.

"Because of [Fulton County's] financial and political situation (the approved 17% tax increase, and the push by members of the Georgia General Assembly to limit county services), our two choices are annexation into the city of Atlanta or be included in the new city of South Fulton," a flyer from the the Wexwood Glen homeowners association reads.

"The South Fulton delegation has agreed to re-introduce legislation, on behalf of South Fulton United, to give residents of South Fulton the opportunity to vote again on creating a new city --the City of South Fulton-- during the 2015 General Assembly. If we choose not to annex, we will be included in the boundaries for the city of South Fulton when the bill is reintroduced to the legislature in January, 2015," the flyer continues.

Wexwood Glen becomes the latest unincorporated community in south Fulton County to explore annexation into Atlanta in lieu of joining the proposed city of South Fulton.

The Loch Lomond area submitted their annexation petitions to Atlanta in July.