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20 August 2014

Democratic National Committee Sending Washington Lawyer to Georgia for Voter Expansion Efforts

The Democratic National Committee is directing more resources to Georgia in support of Jason Carter's gubernatorial campaign.

That is the latest word from Georgia Democratic Party executive director Rebecca DeHart.

In an email sent to the Party's executive committee, Tuesday night, DeHart wrote, "The DNC has been excited about the DPG and our efforts on the ground. So much so that they are fully funding a new position here at headquarters-- a Director of Voter Expansion.

"On Monday, we will be welcoming Junia Telamour, an attorney out of DC. They will also be sending down technical assistance from the DNC proper to help build out the program. Junia will be working immediately in coordination with the coordinated for the 2014 election and building the foundations needed for the 2016 election as well," the email continues.

The Democratic National Committee is in Georgia this week for its summer meeting. According to Party insiders, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is scheduled to appear at local Democratic Party events to raise funds for the 2014 general election campaign.