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02 July 2014

State Lawmaker Expresses Disappointment in Clayton County Commission Vote on MARTA

Tuesday, 1 July, the Clayton County Commission voted to place a binding MARTA referendum on the November General Election ballot.

The referendum authorized by commissioners wasn't the one many residents in attendance at the meeting wanted, though.

Three commissioners --Michael Edmondson, Gail Hambrick, and Sonna Singleton-- voted for a half-penny sales tax for MARTA in Clayton County. Most residents wanted a full penny sales tax to fund trains and buses in the south metro county.

Georgia Unfiltered and Home Rule News caught up with state Senator Gail Davenport (D - Jonesboro) after the meeting to get her reaction to the Commission's actions.

Davenport was not happy with the meeting's results, and said the half-penny sales tax was just a smoke screen for people in Clayton County who oppose transit.

Sen. Gail Davenport Reacts to Commission Vote on MARTA