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05 June 2014

Q-Dance Cut Back at Tomorrowworld Spurs Petition to Chattahoochee Hills Mayor from Fans

Monday, 2 May 2014, Georgia Unfiltered broke the news that the Q-Dance stage would not be returning to Tomorrowworld this September.

Festival representative Barbara Bouckaert made the announcement at a community meeting with Cedar Grove residents, 31 May.

"The stage that was probably responsible for the most noise, the most of the thumping noise, was called the Q stage," Bouckaert told Cedar Grove residents. "That stage is going. It is not coming back."

As this revelation spread across electronic dance music websites such as Dancing Astronaunt and Less Than Three, the reaction from fans was not pleasant.

Francis Brassard said the Q-Dance stage was his main reason for returning to Tomorrowworld this year.

Zeek Muratovic asked, "Can we get our money back then for the tickets we have purchased?"

The comments left on Georgia Unfiltered's YouTube report on the Cedar Grove community meeting didn't get any better.

Now, Georgia Unfiltered has learned that a petition, directed at Chattahoochee Hills Mayor Tom Reed, is circulating among Q-Dance fans.

The "Save the Q-Dance stage" petition, authored by Josh Godbey, claims the city of Chattahoochee Hills is banning the Q-Dance stage from taking part in this year's Tomorrowworld due to noise complaints.

"Instead of finding a solution, they are simply saying that it is 'too loud' and taking it away all together," the petition reads.

While Tomorrowworld promotional materials lists the festival's location as Chattahoochee Hills, the venue is actually located in unincorporated south Fulton County. The Fulton County Commission sets noise ordinances, grants special events permits, and authorizes the sale of alcohol at Bouckaert's Farms; site of Tomorrowworld.

To date, the "Save the Q-Dance stage" petition has 685 signatures. Those pleas may fall on deaf ears though. Since Tomorrowworld isn't actually held in Chattahoochee Hills, Mayor Tom Reed has no say over what stages come and go.