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14 May 2014

Ray Boyd Offers $100,000 Cash to Anyone Who Can Prove Georgia's Voting Machines Are Not Faulty

Despite being mocked and ridiculed by Atlanta Journal Constitution political reporter Jim Galloway [read How to lure reporters to a north Georgia presser: Offer $5,000 in cash], activist Ray Boyd issued a challenge to all interested persons.

Prove Georgia's voting machines are not faulty and win $100,000 cash.

At a press conference held in Ellijay, Boyd said, "Georgia uses voting equipment which cannot be independently audited, recounted nor verified after the election.

"As a part of my crusade to Save Georgia," Boyd said, "I want to expose the faulty voting system specifically mandated for use by Georgia law."

Starting with the 2002 election, Georgia used electronic voting machines manufactured by Diebold. A frequent complaint by those seeking honest and fair elections is the touch screen voting machines do not provide a paper trail, and cast ballots could be manipulated or changed altogether.

Boyd said the security of Georgia's elections are a nonpartisan issue.

"Georgia must replace this 12 year old outdated system. Georgia needs to implement a voter-marked ballot that can be independently audited and recounted to ensure election results that accurately reflect the voters' intent," Boyd stated.