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19 May 2014

Nutella Bringing "Spread the Happy" Truck to Atlanta This July as part of 50th Anniversary Tour

Nutella hazelnut spread is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with the debut of a new Nutella food truck which will "Spread The Happy" across 16 U.S. cities by offering complimentary samples of Nutella, games and more.

Nutella was created in 1964 thanks to Mr. Michele Ferrero. It was based on the recipe for Giandujot developed in 1946 by his father, Pietro Ferrero -– confectioner and founder of Ferrero-– in Italy's Piedmont area. Nowadays, the popular hazelnut spread with cocoa is available in approximately 160 countries worldwide. Introduced to the US market in 1983, it has since become the number one selling branded hazelnut spread in America.

"The passion our fans have for the Nutella brand is incredible. They have a deep personal connection to the hazelnut spread and are constantly engaging with us via social media. We're so excited to celebrate alongside them and kick-off our national tour which will spread the happiness one finds in a jar of Nutella throughout the country," says Eric Berger, senior brand manager for Nutella at Ferrero U.S.A., Inc. "We look forward to continuing to promote their love and passion for Nutella and celebrating fifty more years!"

The Nutella "Spread the Happy" tour comes to Atlanta 23 July through 28 July 2014.

For those fans who love the brand and want to further celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nutella, the brand asks them to share their own personal, memorable moments that involve Nutella through the "Nutella® - 50 Years Full of Stories" campaign. Fans can submit their personal Nutella story at the website in the form of text, photo or video postings.