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28 May 2014

Nine Years and 5,424 Posts Later, Georgia Unfiltered is Still Here

Nine years ago today, I launched Georgia Unfiltered with two simple words:

Hey y'all.

5,424 posts later, Georgia Unfiltered is still here.

The journey has been long. The road has had some bumps on it. But Georgia Unfiltered is still here.

This site made history, as the first blog to be credentialed by the Georgia State Senate.

This site broke quite a few stories that the mainstream media eventually picked up.

This site was even sued for telling the truth.

Other sites have faltered, but this site -- Georgia Unfiltered is still here.

The thing I am most proud of is this:

Georgia Unfiltered's coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign was selected to be included in the Library of Congress online collection.

The Library of Congress Web Archives (LCWA) is composed of collections of archived web sites selected by subject specialists to represent web-based information on a designated topic. It is part of a continuing effort by the Library to evaluate, select, collect, catalog, provide access to, and preserve digital materials for future generations of researchers.

The fact that someone in Washington saw my stuff and said, "This is worthy to be preserved for future generations of researchers," means a whole lot to me.


Because long after my time on this planet comes to an end, Georgia Unfiltered will still be here. It will still be preserved in the Library of Congress, and that is something to be proud of.

So, to everyone who has logged on to Georgia Unfiltered, I say thank you.

I'm not done yet.