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07 April 2014

South Fulton Firefighters Fighting Losing Battle Against Car Break-Ins at Local Fire Stations

Imagine this.

Imagine your job is to save lives at a moment's notice.

Imagine when the call goes out to save lives, you do your job and answer the phone each time and every time.

Then imagine finding your car vandalized and broken into, after you've returned from saving lives.

That's what is happening in unincorporated south Fulton County, and the county commissioner who represents the area has nothing to say about it.

WSB-TV first reported, 7 November 2013, thieves were "stealing from Fulton County firefighters by breaking into their cars parked outside the fire station. Thieves broke into cars parked outside Station 1 on Welcome All Road, Station 5 on Bethsaida Road, and Station 7 on Buffington Road. Police said they forced locks and smashed windows. In the most recent incident, a pickup was stolen" [Thieves target firefighters’ cars parked at fire stations
. WSB-TV. Retrieved on 7 April 2014.].

Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards had nothing to say.

Now, WSB-TV brings news that nothing has changed. Thieves are still targeting firefighters' cars, parked at the fire station, while the firefighters are out saving lives. And Commissioner Bill Edwards still has nothing to say about the situation.

“They can't put their vehicles in the bay. They can't secure them. They have to go on calls. They have to serve the public,” said Wayne Hines with the Fulton County Professional Firefighters’ Union. “And they're just open, easy targets. There's more burglaries going on down there around those stations. Those fire fighters car have been broken into again. Nothing's changed."

Firefighters say promised changes still haven't happened after car break-ins. WSB-TV. Retrieved on 7 April 2014.

This is an absolute shame, and the one person who could do something about it; the one person who could order the police chief to step up patrols around the targeted fire stations; the one person who could add money to the budget for necessary security upgrades to protect the people who are protecting us; this one person, Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards, has done nothing and has said nothing.

Nothing's changed in south Fulton with Bill Edwards in charge.