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15 April 2014

Meet JMR Waterworld: The Company Behind the Stage Effects at Tomorrowworld and Sensation

Georgia Unfiltered recently caught up with JMR Waterworld, the company behind many of the stage effects seen by music fans at Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, and Sensation.

Founded by Job Rijsdijk, JMR Waterworld has been in business for fifteen years, and just finished working on the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit; a meeting of world leaders aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe. At the Nuclear Security Summit, held in the Netherlands, JMR Waterworld designed and built a screen made out of water, which was used to show videos such as the one seen below.

Welcome Nuclear Industry Summit 2014 by Students of University College Roosevelt

JMR Waterworld specializes in creating water, fog, fire, and light effects for events, shows and permanent installations.

(Image courtesy JMR Waterworld)
Countless people saw the fruits of JMR Waterworld's labors at the inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld last year. The fountains and flame-shooting candlesticks (pictured right) seen at Tomorrowworld's mainstage were a JMR Waterworld project.

The company employs thirteen people, and it took those employees six months to design, build and test the effects seen at Tomorrowworld. JMR Waterworld does everything in house.

The effects were then shipped to Georgia, where it took a week and a half (with some breaks) to build the stage. Some effects were built into the main stage and some effects were on top of the main stage.

After Tomorrowworld ended, the effects were packed up and shipped back to the Netherlands, where they currently sit in a JMR Waterworld storage facility.

JMR Waterworld is currently working on the second edition of Tomorrowworld, but they aren't saying much; preferring to let all be revealed when the gates open to Tomorrowworld this September.

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