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22 April 2014

High School Grad Rate for North Fulton Minorities Higher than Their South Fulton Counterparts

Minority students attending north Fulton County high schools have a higher high school graduation rate than minority students attending south Fulton County high schools.

That's the word from a new Georgia Department of Education report measuring the college and career readiness for all Georgia public school students.

The Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) evaluates various factors and indicators, assigning all Georgia schools a grade, using a scale of 0 - 100.

Statewide, the high school graduation rate was 71.80% for 2013. With a grad rate of 75.5%, Fulton County exceeded the state rate.

Banneker High School, in south Fulton County, had the lowest graduation rate of any school in Fulton County. Just 41.7% of Banneker's seniors received high school diplomas in 2013. The highest rate in the county, 96.4%, came from north Fulton's Johns Creek High School

White students in Fulton County have a graduation rate of 91%. Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, and Multi-Racial students have graduation rates of 94.3%, 63.3%, 59.3%, and 70.5% respectively.

In Fulton County, there are a total of sixteen high schools; five in south Fulton and eleven in north Fulton. When averaged together, the high school graduation rate for minority students in north Fulton is higher than the graduation rate for minorities in south Fulton.

Here are the numbers:

Graduation RateNorth FultonSouth Fulton
Asian/Pacific Islander93.1%Too Few Students
Multi-Racial84.87%Too Few Students