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08 April 2014

First Edition of Tomorrowworld Festival Pumped $85.1 Million into Georgia's Economy

In 2013, Georgia welcomed 140,000 people from 75 different countries (and all fifty United States) for the inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld; a three-day electronic dance music festival patterned after Belgium's Tomorrowland.

(The inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld had a $85.1 million economic impact on Georgia. Image courtesy ID&T/Tomorrowworld)
Independent research firm Beacon Economics released a study commissioned by Tomorrowworld organizers to measure the economic impact of the event.

According to Beacon, Tomorrowworld brought $85.1 million into the Georgia economy in 2013.

Atlanta received the majority of the economic impact, a total of $70 million. This matches the $70 million impact generated for the city from the NCAA Final Four Championship games held in March 2013. Visiting attendees' direct expenditures added $28.7 million into the local economy across areas such as lodging, restaurants, sight-seeing, etc. An estimated $4.3 million in tax revenues went to the state and local governments as a result of event-related spending for Tomorrowworld 2013, the equivalent of hiring 80 full-time school teachers for one year at a salary of $53,000. Labor income for workers in the Atlanta and the state of Georgia increased by $34 million thanks to the direct and indirect work needed to support the impact of the event and the visitors. Tomorrowworld employed the equivalent of 749 annual full time jobs.

22.5% of visiting attendees stayed for additional days in Georgia, adding additional impact on tourist attractions and exhibitions.

Tomorrowworld organizers say the Bouckaert family farms in Chattahoochee Hills, was hand-picked for the beautiful landscape reminiscent of sister festival’s, Tomorrowland, home in Belgium. Upon choosing Georgia as the home of the international festival, Tomorrowworld organizers devoted efforts to providing ways to stimulate growth in the local economy and promised to do so for years to come.

Tickets are now on sale for the second edition of Tomorrowworld in the USA; scheduled for 26 - 28 September 2014. Visit for details.