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15 April 2014

Commissioner Bill Edwards Collects Most Campaign Cash from Non-Fulton Residents & Corporations

Fulton County Commissioners Emma Darnell and Bill Edwards are battling to win the 20 May Democrat primary.

Both have different campaign tactics.

Darnell spent most of the $12,850 she raised between 31 January and 31 March on phone banking and polling. Edwards spent his campaign cash on signs and cell phones.

Darnell and Edwards also have two distinct fundraising strategies.

Emma Darnell reported collecting most of her campaign contributions from Fulton County residents. Only six of Darnell's contributors were non-Fulton County residents or corporations. Edwards, by comparison, raised $28,850 mostly from corporate entities and non-Fulton residents.

The next campaign finance report for Edwards and Darnell is due 30 June.