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28 April 2014

Clarke County Democratic Party Chair Calls Nunn's Refusal to Debate Primary Opponents Offensive

The Democratic Party chairman of one of Georgia's most Democratic counties isn't happy with U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.

In a letter sent to state Democratic Party chairman DuBose Porter, Clarke County Democratic Party chairman Joe Wisenbaker expressed disappointment in the Michelle Nunn campaign for ignoring the other U.S. Senate candidates and outright refusing to debate them in a public forum.

Besides Nunn, there are four candidates vying for the Democrats' U.S. Senate nomination. Those candidates are Dr. Branko "Rad" Radulovacki, Steen Miles, and Todd Robinson.

"As chair of a county committee that has seen and heard from all of the other candidates for our Democratic Senate nomination," Wisenbaker wrote in his letter to Porter, "I have found it offensive that the Nunn campaign has distinguished itself in avoiding opportunities to speak to our basic values and in giving Michelle the opportunity to debate or, even, interact with the fine folks that are also seeking our nomination.

"I feel that their actions disrespect the hard work that those other candidates and their supporters have been investing in the primary. Indeed, their approach essentially reflects a view that the primary is a meaningless bit of political theatre with an outcome that you, yourself, seem to endorse as a foregone conclusion. As a county chair, I have felt obliged to avoid any formal endorsement of a fellow Democrat in contested primary campaigns. On the other hand, I feel no such reluctance in expressing my disappointment with the approach taken by the Nunn campaign and your seeming endorsement of that," Wisenbaker continued.

Most polls show Nunn falling just short of the 50% + 1 needed to avoid a runoff for Democrats' U.S. Senate nomination.