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02 April 2014

Chatt Hills' Tomorrowworld Festival Traces Its Roots Back to the 2007 Echo Music Project

Tomorrowworld, the 3-day music festival located in Chattahoochee Hills, is known around the world.

For its inaugural edition, nearly 150,000 visitors from more than seventy-five different countries came to Bouckaert's Farm for great music and great fun.

What people may not know is Tomorrowworld cam trace its roots back to a one-time event held at Bouckaert's Farm seven years ago.

In 2007, 25-year-old Nicolas Bouckaert teamed up with MeatCamp Productions (now doing business as MCP Presents) to organize a first-of-its-kind environmentally friendly music festival. They named it the Echo Project.

The Echo Project occurred over three days in October, 2007; and it laid the groundwork for Tomorrowworld to happen six years later.

Through his company, Rivertown Entertainment LLC, Bouckaert went to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in search of a permit to allow a five-day outdoor musical festival with an associated campground facility on his father's land. At the 4 April 2007 commission meeting, Bouckaert's company faced tough questions from Fulton County Commissioners over the impact such an event would have on the community.

What are the hours of the concert? How many people are you expecting? How will you reduce the noise impact upon nearby residents? Those are just a few of the queries posed to Rivertown Entertainment LLC from Fulton Commissioners.

After a lengthy discussion, Fulton County Commissioners added fifteen stipulations to the permit, including an expiration date of 2017; a requirement of private EMS personnel and ambulance services adequate to serve medical needs on site; a minimum of twenty horseback security personnel to patrol the festival and maintain order; a requirement that vehicles shall be searched at the entrance gate for weapons, illegal substances, fireworks and flammable liquids prior to entrance into the site; and a requirement that sound levels not exceed 75 DBA past the farm's property line.

While Fulton County Commmissioners approved Bouckaert's permit unanimously, they also cautioned a review of the event would occur every year.

"You're going to get the annual review," Commissioner Bill Edwards said before the vote. "We're going to review it at the end of each year. Alright? And if there's anything that gets out of hand over there, Mr. Bouckaert is willing to shut it down."

With that, the foundation for Tomorrowworld was laid.

From 12 - 14 October 2007, the Echo Music Project welcomed between 9,000 and 10,000 people to Bouckaert's Farm. The show featured a diverse lineup of The Roots, Cypress Hill, the Avett Brothers, and Cat Power just to name a few. Unfortunately, the Echo Project only lasted one year.

But the permit obtained by Nicolas Bouckaert and Rivertown Entertainment LLC, in 2007, remained in effect; making the Bouckaert family farm a front-runner for Tomorrowworld in 2013.