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03 April 2014

Black Republican Candidate for Fulton County Commission Angry at Snub by Karen Handel

Thursday, south Fulton County was abuzz with activity as former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin came to town.

Palin, who recently endorsed Republican Karen Handel for U.S. Senate, appeared at the historic Green Manor restaurant on Roosevelt Highway in Union City to tout Handel's campaign at a meeting of the South Fulton Republican Women.

WSB-TV was there. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was there. WXIA-TV was there. But one person was not -- Fulton County Commission candidate Abraham Watson.

Watson, who is the presumptive Republican nominee for the district 6 Fulton County Commission seat, told Georgia Unfiltered he didn't know about the event, nor was he invited.

"If I had known about the event, I would have come," Watson said. "However, no one; not the Karen Handel campaign; not the South Fulton Republican Women; not the Fulton County GOP told me of the function."

The 28-year-old black Republican tells Georgia Unfiltered Handel missed an opportunity to reach out to black voters who might have been receptive to her message.

"I would say to Karen Handel," Watson continued, "you had the chance now to change the minds and hearts of the south Fulton constituency. But because you failed to stand united beside me, a minority Republican; a minority conservative, you have now upheld that line of division that the media and the left have been keeping between us in south Fulton.

"How dare you come to south Fulton without informing the minority constituency," Watson said.

Fulton County Commission district 6 covers most of south Fulton County.