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15 April 2014

164-room Hotel to be Part of Extensive Renovation of Phipps Plaza in Buckhead

Simon Property Group announced today that it will undertake a series of improvements to Phipps Plaza.

The first project in a series of improvements will be an extensive interior makeover, providing a fresh new look and feel to the interior space of the mall. Plans include: upgraded LED lighting, repainting the interior, new warm wood accents, an updated railing system, luxury soft seating and lounging areas with Wi-Fi connectivity and chargers, upgraded restrooms, and the installation of a hotel-like concierge service center.

(Buckhead's Phipps Plaza will undergo an extensive renovation in the coming months.)
"Our patrons will really enjoy these improvements," said Dewayne Herbert, Phipps Plaza's mall manager. "These initial enhancements will provide a visible transformation of the interior environment that will be more consistent with the one-of-a-kind Phipps shopping experience that our customers deserve."

Major improvements to the parking decks will also be undertaken. All entrances from the parking decks to the mall will be improved with new flooring, lighting and automatic doors to welcome customers. Lighting in the parking decks will be converted to energy efficient LED which will also improve lighting throughout the parking decks.

Construction on these exciting interior renovations will commence this summer and be complete before the holiday season. The property will remain open throughout with phasing of the work to minimize customer disruption. The improvements on the inside of Phipps Plaza will also deliver energy-saving benefits.

Several other projects are also being planned to commence in the near future. Improvements are being contemplated to the property's prominent entrance along Peachtree Road which will include a new dramatic entrance, a dynamic streetscape filled with luxury storefronts, and new lush landscaping. New additions to Phipps Plaza will include 320 luxury residential units and a 164-room hotel with upscale dining.