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12 March 2014

Senator Fort: "People who want a City of South Fulton are Telling Sandtown Drop Dead"

Monday, the Georgia Senate Committee on State and Local Government Operations heard from people for and against the proposed city of South Fulton.

The harshest language at the hearing came from state Senator Vincent Fort (D - Atlanta), who opposes the effort.

"You will never, ever see Senator Vincent Fort supporting an issue where a majority of my constituents are against it," Fort said.

Fort also expressed reservations that fixing the borders of the proposed municipality at such an early date would strip property owners wanting to join an existing city of their right to do so.

"What I'm concerned about," the Atlanta Democrat said, "is people who want a city of South Fulton are telling the people of Sandtown drop dead.

"I would implore this committee to vote no on House Bill 704," Fort continued. "The time has not come."

Senator Vincent Fort Talks City of South Fulton