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19 March 2014

Proposed City of South Fulton Loses $7.9 Million in Revenue without Fulton Industrial District

Moments ago, Fulton County legislative liaison Christopher Boyd told commissioners that the proposed city of South Fulton would lose $7.9 million in tax revenues with the Fulton Industrial District not included in the municipality's borders.

Boyd's statement came during a Q-&-A session with county commissioners over the status of House Bill 704; the city of South Fulton bill.

This new revelation from a county employee directly contradicts a study commissioned by pro-city group South Fulton United, which said the omission of the Fulton Industrial District would only cost the proposed city $1.4 million in property tax revenue.

Earlier in March, the Georgia House did not even vote on House Bill 991; a bill that would have repealed the constitutional amendment prohibiting Fulton Industrial from being taxed by any governing authority, including the proposed city of South Fulton.

The new borders of the proposed municipality no longer include the Fulton Industrial District.