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14 March 2014

GA Municipal Association: Annexation is Essential to the Health of Georgia’s Cities & Counties

With residents in unincorporated south Fulton County debating joining an existing city versus creating a new city, Georgia Unfiltered decided to see where the state's advocate for municipalities stood on the issue.

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), the only state organization that represents municipal governments in Georgia, seems to come down in favor of annexation.

In a report released earlier this year, GMA declared, "Georgia cities are vital to Georgia’s success and annexation is just one way that cities grow and add value to this state. Annexation is essential to the health of Georgia’s cities and counties."

The document, titled Growing Cities, Growing Georgia, goes on to say, "Annexation does not remove property from the county or from the county’s tax rolls. In fact, it most often increases the value and use of the property to the economic benefit of both the city and the county.

"Georgia’s annexation laws work well. In the final analysis, the value of annexation is that it empowers people to choose the government that will provide them with the highest level of municipal services and be responsive to their needs," the GMA report concludes.

Below is a fact sheet put together by the Georgia Municipal Association, which features an outline of state annexation law and sample annexation petitions for residents to use.

GMA Annexation Fact Sheet & Sample Petitions