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19 March 2014

Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Jason Carter Voted for Gun Bill Liberals Derided as "Extreme"

For weeks now, the liberals pilloried Georgia for considering what they called the "guns everywhere" bill.

"[The] Georgia State House has passed what we considered to be the most extreme gun bill in America and the senate is considering it as we speak," said Pia Carusone, Executive Director, Americans for Responsible Solutions [National organization calls Georgia's gun bill "Extreme". WALB-TV (Albany, Georgia). Retrieved on 19 March 2014.].

"You may have heard that the Georgia state house and senate -—much like their brethren in legislatures throughout the land where representative democracy has become besotted with punch-drunk Tea—- has in their wisdom decided to pass a Guns R Us bill," wrote Daily Beast contributor Cliff Schecter [Schecter, Cliff (14 March 2014). Georgia Legislators Think Felons Should Be Able To Shoot You. The Daily Beast. Retrieved on 19 March 2014.].

"Guns may soon be everywhere in Georgia," a Mother Jones headline read. even joined the liberal pile-on with a petition urging leaders to "keep Georgia safe by stopping the most extreme gun bill in America."

Tuesday night, state Senator Jason Carter voted for the "most extreme gun bill in America" [Senate Vote #701; SOURCE: Georgia State Senate]. Carter is the Democrats' nominee for Governor.

Shortly after Carter's vote, the Georgia Young Democrats tweeted, "Thanks to extremist Republicans, we're one step closer to #GunsEverywhere, including in bars, nightclubs, and airports. Insane."

Left out of the Georgia Young Democrats tweet was criticism for Jason Carter, who voted for the bill they called "extremist" and "insane".

Listen closely. The silence you hear now is from liberals, young and old, as they come up with spin to explain away Jason Carter's vote for the gun bill.