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04 March 2014

Bill to Include Fulton Industrial in Proposed City of South Fulton Dies on Crossover Day

A footnote buried on page six of the Report on the City of South Fulton: Potential Revenues and Expenditures says, "It is the goal of South Fulton United to include the [Fulton County Industrial District] in the new City of South Fulton."

South Fulton United is the organization, formed by former state House and state Senate candidate Benny Crane, advocating the creation of a new city of South Fulton.

Monday, South Fulton United failed to achieve its goal of including the Fulton County Industrial District when the Georgia House did not even vote on House Bill 991; a bill that would have repealed the constitutional amendment prohibiting Fulton Industrial from being taxed by any governing authority, including the proposed city of South Fulton.

As the gavel came down to end Crossover Day, the day where a bill must pass either the House or Senate to have a realistic chance of becoming law this year, it became clear that House Bill 991 would be one of the casualties of the 2014 legislative session.

According to the city of South Fulton feasibility study, prepared by the Georgia State University Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the Fulton County Industrial District would generate $1.4 million in property tax revenue for the proposed city of South Fulton.

However, that $1.4 million is now off the table, as the bill to bring the Fulton County Industrial District into the proposed city of South Fulton is dead for the year.