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19 February 2014

Still Not Sold on City of South Fulton Idea, Residents Talk Annexation with ATL & College Park

Based on recent meetings and public comments, one thing can be certain -- not everyone is sold on the idea of creating the city of South Fulton.

College Park City Council member Tracey Wyatt says he's received emails from residents exploring annexation into his city. And today, Home Rule News reports the Loch Lomond community, located on the west side of unincorporated south Fulton County, may be ready to join the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed made his pitch Monday night.

“I would just love for Loch Lomond to come into the city. I am not going to coerce anyone to come in,” Reed said.

He added that Atlanta has the brand and reputation of being solid and experienced, something that the City of South Fulton cannot deliver.
“Imagine trying to sell your house as a property in the City of South Fulton,” he said. “You will be in a startup city with questionable finances and city workers who don’t know your area. Your taxes will have to go up.”

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Pro-city legislators and organizations have repeatedly asserted that unincorporated south Fulton citizens want a chance to vote on creating a new city. These claims continue in the face of a growing number of meetings put together by local homeowners' associations and community groups seeking information on joining an existing city.