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18 February 2014

South Fulton Bill Clears Committee, As Citizens Consider Annexation into City of College Park

Monday, the House Governmental Affairs Committee passed House Bill 704; a bill to create the city of South Fulton in Fulton County.

However, another wrinkle may enter the debate over the future of unincorporated south Fulton County -- annexation into the existing City of College Park.

Georgia Unfiltered has learned citizens have approached College Park City Council member Tracey Wyatt about joining his municipality.

"I have received emails from residents of a Home Owner's Association saying that if they create a new city, would College Park be interested in annexing them into College Park," Wyatt told Mayor Jack Longino and other Council members at a recent City Council meeting.

"I think that if we are going to do an annexation, we do it sooner rather than later," Wyatt continued.

Wyatt's colleague on the College Park City Council, Ward IV representative Charles Phillips, said the key is whether the City of College Park can afford bringing more people within its borders.

When asked if there was an official response College Park could give to unincorporated south Fulton County residents who may wish to annex into an existing city in lieu of creating new government, College Park Mayor Jack Longino said, "At this particular time, we are evaluating what we think we can do."