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20 February 2014

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols Hosting 4th Annual Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow

Four years ago, Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols gathered a few folks together in a room to talk about the benefits of swapping out fuel-guzzling gas and diesel vehicles for clean, domestically-produced fuels like natural gas, propane, electricity and biofuels.

Back then, there were only a handful of electric-vehicle charging stations in Georgia and almost no natural gas fueling stations. Today the landscape has changed dramatically.

As municipal leaders, logistics managers and CFOs look for cost-saving solutions, clean fuel vehicles are factoring into their decisions. From sanitation trucks and transit vehicles to commuter cars and light trucks, it makes more sense than ever to evaluate alternative fueled vehicles.

Utility companies and fueling-station developers have stepped up to the plate to support vehicle manufacturers. Today, that first small group of pioneers at the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow has become thousands of supporters.

The Roadshow will be touring Georgia, 17th - 26th June, 2014,stopping at eight (8) cities around the state.

Each half-day event combines a live outdoor vehicle showcase followed by a two-hour classroom-style seminar featuring short presentations by experts from each of the clean fuels and vehicle manufacturers.

Utility companies highlight infrastructure development and finance experts detail the ways that capital equipment can be purchased or leased along with other energy efficiency projects. The information that one would typically travel hundreds of miles to see at a multi-day convention is compacted into one, very relevant, low-cost seminar in the local community.

Tour Stops:

  • Tuesday, 17 June 9AM-12PM | Atlanta-Fulton County | Hosted by Georgia International Convention Center
  • Wednesday, 18 June 9AM-12PM | Columbia County | Hosted by Evans Government Center
  • Thursday, 19 June 9AM-12PM | Warner-Robins | Hosted by Museum of Aviation
  • Friday, 20 June 2PM-5PM | Savannah Convention Center | Hosted by Georgia Municipal Association
  • Monday, 23 June 9AM-12PM | Cobb County | Hosted by Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
  • Tuesday, 24 June 9AM-12PM | Rabun County | Hosted by Clayton City Hall
  • Wednesday, 25 June 9AM–12PM | Gainesville | Hosted by Brenau Downtown Center
  • Thursday, 26 June | Columbus Civic and Convention Center | Hosted by Columbus Chamber of Commerce

The Tour is hosted by Commissioner Tim Echols and produced by AdVentures LLC, a private company, working in partnership with local government and advocacy groups to produce non-profit and educational events with a social purpose. The mission of the Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow is to serve the alternative energy economy, by advancing ideas about propane, natural gas, biofuels and electric vehicles—all which drive the transportation industry forward.

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